Wgat i am doing with the website is kinda wgat i want poliglyth to be

Like you define a project and then,

You just add little parts to it, like on a pinboard

But like a multi-player server

And everyone gets payed for it

And ppl actually vote on which projects they like

So like if you really want something to happen you can work on it, despite the low pay, but if you want money you work where ppl vote the most

Btw i think my algorithm is wrong

I can use the same pattern for both, and i already figured that out

Like writing stuff down is potent

So like projects just naturally grow based on public attention and what individuals ppl really want

But most importantly, we can see what on the table

You can see if someone had the same idea 5 years ago

Actually there should be item content on the chain itself, but then i will need help, ill do without for now~

And just instead of starting a new, contribute to what exists, and still get payed for it

Btw payment would be lifelong on your contributed module, so if you make something really good, and it is used for 10 years, you get payed by ppl voting on it for 10 years

Like it would perfectly integrate with github, bc its a sibling but not the same,

Like its the project without the versioning

Its the payment backend handling all the heavy lifting, integrating into xmr, social dynamics, etc

Like why we use blockchains

And on the fronted, which is a client side front end, which everyone can just make their own, but a stamp is provided, you can integrate github for Versioning

Like i said, its absolutely brilliant

No need for companies or any management structures, everything rules and governs itself



Like projects grow by users bringing tokenized parts to a project

And the size doesn’t matter, you can bring 1000 lines, or 1 line

From anywhere in the world, transcending all social classes

Like i feel like i haven’t had a better idea yet

And if i do, i will be in awe

Like there are no barriers to entry, at least not as we are used to

Only a Internet connection

Like someone check that and send me the flaws you see

Bc this is actually a good application of blockchain

Solving most of the general pain points, of multiple big clusters

Like there may be side effects, but like of the words to sparkle, thats quite bright

Like if i wouldn’t need money, thats certainly what i would be doing






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