U kniw

A psychologist once told me to just not think as much

So eating weed gummys is actually acting on psychological advice

Like its stupidly blunt

Its like saying to a fat person, just dont eat so much

Like, helpful, is there something more concrete or do you need some coffee first

Like its correct, but not pretty

Its the equivalent of

To not drown just never try swimming

To never fail just never try in the first place

Like its missing a qualitativ Value proposition

A try to think whats important

But i am not formulating that out rn

Like i was there for drug use bc a friend didnt like her and it was the first thing i could think of

Ended up just doing a random iq test, however she made the connection from drug use

Like i am smart, but no one told me that~

Like there is something i have to say, but after moving.

Kyla showed me their bank account

Beeing me is odd

We have never met in person,

like thats partly why i love them, bc they are as stupidly trusting as i am

I will not give details bc they mine and i protecc

But still like i can certainly give advice, if one were to specifically ask me for it

And still then it will at some point go into, you learn to do your own stuff

Like i am a little, i dont wanna sort threw your finances

But u mine and i wanna see u do well so i have kinda interest

I wanted to ask something else, but forgot it~

Like that happens automatically when ppl see you’re competent, but like, i just want to be little

Like its actually really interesting and i am happy they trust me so much ~ <3

Like i love them with or without money, but obviously i prefer with

Like i dont want to overanalize things

Like i couldn’t care less about money, but like showing ppl your bank can really backfire

But their graphs were so pretty *-*

Like i know i am bratty but also curious so kinda contradicting myself but bleh

I sleep now







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