Okai, i now have values

But i still need to reformulate and format them

Like its like a un open source type thing, but defining morals as

Not god given rules, but collection of best tools we have

Like you dont get to claim your a good person bc you have a good hammer

Like you can just kill everyone opposing you, but there are probably some ppl angry at you for that

So the tool is quite expensive to use

Like i put the un rules in there, bc they are all

Well, cant argue with that stuff

But instead of trying to help everyone, my stuff is more focused towards progress

Bc yes everyone helps, but it may be that some ppl are probably more effective at that

Like there was a word for like

Just let the smart ppl rule, but we dont actually want that, bc

If you got a leaking pipe, and you got a choice between a really smart person and a experienced plumber, you probably dont want the smart person

Like there is a layer of competence hierarchys in there, also like balancing the differences between females and males etc

So i am trying to disproportionately favor those ppl, like a company would, *

Like you get it

Like the biggest criticism i hear is, those ppl playing Gouverment but actually not doing much

And on the other side

Those ppl doing too much and trying to play Gouverment and rule ppl

So like, lets do something in between, and see where i get with that

Like the power is not with me, the blockchain directly relays back to the ppl themselves

I do like setup of the machine, but like open source, ppl maintain themselves and all the power and responsibilitie is with them too

So i am avoiding the responsibility and weight of that structure

Like ruling is a fing pain in the butt

With the poliglyth chain ppl can organize their own stuff

And payment for stuff is built into it by design, ppl can do their own fronteds however they like and choose their own rates, but base functionality of distributing value is built into it

Like its Client, server, but with blockchain

Like less humanistic, more engineering, fitting into the new data paradigm

I also extended globalism, to interplanetaryanism

First, bc globalisms diapi is too heavy already

And second, bc why not

At some point we will need it, and its a cool gimmick, good vibe, automatically sets a targeting goal of where we are actually going

Like the iftp ppl were there before me, they should be allowed to give it a better name

But conceptually, it shouldnt matter which planet your on

Also it will confuse the hell out of future historians :p

Like i think thats funny

Like why these ppl using interplanetary value systems before they were interplanetary, lol

Like i am aiming acidentaly high again ^~^

But like its certainly a vibe

Like i am setting up a pun for after space colonization






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