U know, i installed steam

I am playing 0

Like maybe if i got it upgraded i will play Minecraft with kyla or something

But like

I have so much cooler stuff to do in general

Like maybe with a new job

Like i know i get the surplus, and i have a feeling of, okai i have nothing to do, lets play some

But in general, i have seen like 1 game i wanna play in the last years

Like i like pretty and explorative games, and idk, those seem less common

Many fps games on the front page

I’ll see again later~

Like if i make a scedule,

i work like 4 hours

Lets say i am doing something productive for 2,thats 6

I will try to get myself to do like 2h of playing something next stage

Like i liked Portal, but that like way back, i wanna play that running game, was it mirrors edge? Or was that something else~

Like mininalist Design

Like a algorithm is like a math puzzle game to me

And those things are usually quite valuable in many Dimensions

So i automatically gravitate more towards that

But i should play some games while i am still alive~

Like math is so hard overpowered, and now we have via coding, a way to translate the word to flesh

Just the coding ppl dont understand math, and the math ppl dont understand practical coding, or like those ppl are rare

Like they litterally speak a different language, which is functional, while programmers are using a object oriented paradigm

Like ppl usually dont switch paradigms easily

Like if you do, its whatever, but like general ppl dont do that,

thats so high level, but there is no one to understand the conception

And the ppl that do are like, yeah, whatever, lets get high

Like you are literally transcending conceptual paradigms, what more could be important,

Besides if you have like kids, but main space






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