So this is the poliglyth algo

Like it seems off tho

Like i am splitting the initial amount of the vote into 2 parts,



In the formulation its the “+”

But that seems off

Like it works if i split 50/50

But, first remove x

But like, if it’s not that conveniently even, then i feel like it wouldn’t work, but haven’t checked yet

So i may need a function in there,

Which basically splits that into 1 portion, and the remainder of that portion

Like that has certainly been done before and is more stupidly easy and elegant than i am thinking rn

Like thats probably a predefined function linked to a symbol already

Basically i have 1 input but want 2 outputs

I basically mixed poster and participant algo, into 1 now

I also added the crypto healthcare system to my projects folder again

Like i can reuse and adapt the algo i already have for that

Like thats what i was trying to do with the monero rpc

So while i am already at it ~

Like me actually getting to the place i want to probably means global jobs, healthcare and information

But like i am not doing anything rn

Bc that would be a bold thing to claim

And i am still like 1-2 steps away

Like i am just pencil sketching the algo for now

Like i dont want higher notation, it needs to be easily transferable into code

Like stage 3 done, i should have nothing better to do than this

Like i cant think of anything which would be more rewarding, else i would do that~






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