The “conservative” thing is mating selection, bc it doesn’t matter for anything else

Like furrys have outdone that, bc

I am a fox only thing which matters is what i do

Like the only reason it would be relevant if i am a fox or not, is for mating

Like everything else is not relevant

If ppl are having issues with Trans ppl

Its bc of mating Systems, else it wouldn’t be relevant what someone is

*excluding, i am generally annoyed by ppl beeing loud

Like there are multiple routs why below that

But by simple inductive-ish deduction, its most likely mating selection

Like there is a lot of fluff, but overlaying the 2 screens and interlocking the opposing logic and deducting differences

Like seems obvious

All the social friction points are sexuality related too

And from a systematic standpoint trans stuff is socially stabalizing

Like we can’t randomly kill groups of ppl

So what do we do with unstable ppl,

Best option is to make them stable, which is exactly what the countrys rich enaugh are doing, bc each citizen cost a lot to educate etc

Like putting ppl away somewhere is waisting resources, and is stupid in a competitive marketplace, like they did with psy wards back in the day

Like it just causes a bloatet system with unused resources

Like you can go, what do those few ppl matter

You forget, those ppl are in the 1% of the world population, the per head lifetime value of someone you can convert like this is so high, bc you are at the same time removing system instability

Its like removing ptsd from soliders with a pill, and suddenly gaining a healthy workforce

Like we dont have such a pill, but u get the concept

Its so much more effective than putting them into prisons bc they robbed some store or were on drugs

Like systemically its great, but like ppl are slow~

Like the worry is reproduction, thats technologically solved, and normal ppl still exist

Its not like thats insentivised anyways in a down economy

Like its does work, i tried

Its a real thing with real application

The internet is so trippy

I can speak to ppl i haven’t met in the other side of the planet

Like not like it matters to me

But so cool






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