About the things in texas, which is the other side of the world to me, and American plitics is litterally foren to me here in Germany

The “conservatives” are your little brother tugging at your coat sleave my dear trans ppl


Bc you, despite lower numbers have gotten the attention of you judicial/state parents

Bc state uses parent imagistic

Like its not the apex guys, its the pedopilic guys with all the bad dating market options

Like they will not procreate more than any gay person, bc they ugly or stupid, or whatever fate may bring

Like the need to be understood is essential, and we are switching social communications to open source, meaning openly visible data and chains

So the group ego little brother is sitting there like

Why are my parents(state) addressing the need of my sister, but not mine?

And it shows that how repressed low status males show that, anger

So like the solution is probably to help them figure out what to do and adress their needs

Or cry for mummy

Like not derogative, i am classifying you systematically rn, you can be whatever moral thing after i am done again

And the other side, stop hitting your sister and she might help you if you ask nicely

Like their market situation is probably terrible

Like you are siblings

You may not like it, but if you zoom out some levels, your 2 systems are uniquely special to your time

Like ppl are only falling for such rethoric if they in a bad place

Like it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you adress their needs

Like they are not able to openly talk about what their issues are and asking how you did it

But are really bad at communicating

About the level of a 5y old

Like sandman or someone figure out what it actually is you want, what possible solutions exist

And discuss with another not stupid person about how we do that

I got acid to take, but like if you want stuff to happen, which you want to happen and solves your issues, whatever they may be

You only got 1 other party who has to agree, like such a dream

Like i know its abstract, but you are the ppl facilitating the future of your country

You are ontop those social pyramids bc yes, you are those ppl doing that stuff

You just never connected the reach of your position, bc the future hasn’t happened yet

The money is just a measurung tool to show altitude

Thats exactly why i avoid beeing put ontop of pyramids, but its fun

You should try it^~^

Be a Sheppard to the sheep following you and adress their issues fruitfully

Like ignore the politicians and just agree on what you want and implement it

Like that was always a option, you can just do that

Like thats how everything is done anyways, isn’t it? :p

Like both sides want to throw out the unnecessary middle management, so just do






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