Here is

The boring business stuff

Its basically giving out a boolean, if a product works or not

If not, repeat

It has neat little repetition cycles for each alchemical stage, with a condition met trigger for progressing

Like told ya its boring and predictable

3 step synthesis, product, quality measurement

Like you put the screwdriver to the wire, and it glows when there is current

Like i could add a test at the first stage, but thats the customer feedback i am too lazy to do~

Like if i can test a idea in a week, should be fine, like if i get too frustrated, i might put it in

Like the algorithm is quite simple

But only bc i am the write head, which is able to use predefined classes like

Evaluate customer feedback

Like you can put that in its own algo and define it,

But i only want 1 company, not 20~






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