About the

Pedantic, i need to remember everything exactly, which i am not doing

Really useful for sure

But everytime i have seen it used it was to show someone is smart, its like a status symbol

Which like,

My random drifting off probably brings ppls cosmologys into question

I think i am good

Like its the proposition, that you could do anything with that

But the solution to that is actually known since forever, its called writing something down

Which you should do anyways if its so important

Like if you want to be efficent use visual thinking instead of linguistic one x more data

Like i guess it’s me beeing really estranged and petrified by our school system

And disregarding and devaluing its central method

Bc f u for forcing me to do that

I will devalue your symbol structure weight at oppertunity

But like, i have not seen a good reason for doing all the exact remembering

Like if it was so important, who did the stock market exploiting, i would remember, but i dont, i haven’t seen anything that important, which wasn’t written down somewhere,

And if it isnt, it should, which takes 10 sec






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