Like what kind of fleeing

Of reality you do is kinda the same, if you hide in drugs, beeing social, playing games, work or what have you

I just try to set things up, so i can change realms without much gas fees

Like i have someones circles exploited in 3 steps and get invited to all sort of things socially

Like that person knows me since 10 min but feels like they know me since years

Like if you are not familiar with social circles, like they had a official name too

Basically a person at distance, is a stranger, a person touching you is closer in relationship to you

You can exploit mental spaces by explicit physical analogys, and vice versa

Like it does not need to be malicious, maybe i just wanted to know where the next store is

But like if you have a big enaugh city where you meet many new ppl a day

Like u can go play games for a week, then be social with some ppl and smoke weed in the park, the next you do big business stuff with your startup

Like sure, you could get really confident in 1 field and be really high on a pyramid, or get rich or something

But like thats a kinda boring thing to do with such powers






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