I am so

Baffled by kyla

Like i was nervous be we were doing something together

And like i said that, bc i will say whatever is on my mind

And they just told me it will be fine

And i was totally calm

Like thats new, like i have like 5 ppl who i am currently bot writing back to and i know i should, including jobs

Bc i really dont listen to ppl

Like if i get a task, i just come, do task and be gone again, thats why pay me

But like i actually listen to kyla and for some obscure reason their words mean something to me

Like i dont expect that to happen

I expect them to reply something, and me to not to care at all, but pretending to care so i can move on

But like i really seem to like them ~

Like i am avoiding to let anyone come to me or do something for months now, even if i am talking to no one, or beeing offered by them that they come to me

Like i am just stubborn if i dont like, i will refuse, even if i am in need

Id rather refuse than accept a bad deal

But i am happy to have kyla come by and am even taking a day off~

Btw they also a furry

90% if the guys on the social surface dating apps are bof🇫🇷 and i usually dont find anyone there

And probably possibly quite dangerous

But like looking group internal, like hi, i like u, oh we match great, u mine now<3

Like if i have a group of ppl like me, its much more likely i will find a partner there

Like dangerous in

Oh you like drugs, thats cute, me too

Oh you cant see that psychological process you are using there thats dangerous

You will hurt me and not even understand why

But like

I am quite happy ^~^

Like they did something for us to do together and i value that quite high

Like as a girl i can depend on them🙈

Like i can level them up quite a bit which is nice>~>

But they already a good person i can depend on

I like that

I like them

I have not yet met them

But for some reason they feel like home






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