I finally

Go what the click thing is

You remember these medieval monks explaining the Bible to ppl, its that, but like the valid thing not the corrupted subset

Like you go what were these stupid ppl doing believing that random guy

But like ppl automatically try to follow the person with the best approach in their eyes

So click actually has a priestly fuction of

Teaching basic math etc

So ppl go, is that person on some bullshit?

Bc the parasocial relationship works like that, of asking

My smart Friend, what do you think

But like my stuff is not that kind of info

Bc there is basics where its like, sure measure it, see what happens, its data driven

Like the guy who saw a angel and deducted that we measure the world in number etc etv how science startet

But like if you scale up some levels

Scientists basically go, okai, we know all this stuff, lets put a placeholder flag in between to wark what we havent explored yet, but is stable

I forgot the term

Like every hierarchically elevated person can see the flaws in their system

Like its not invalid bc of that

We are making base assumptions to have a game to play in the first place

Like science is fun bc you can basically trow something against it, and see if it still stands, if it doesn’t you can rebuild it again

Like children building with sand

But like if you are trying to validate basic math, you obviously dont see that and need to ask someone about that

Like yes i am not religiously following and Elevating to a holy cow

But like thats kinda the point

But like ppl learning basic stuff cant yet differentiate that, bc you only get that viewpoint from the top of a pyramid

The scientific method is not something ppl automatically have and ppl will gravitate towards the structure they understand

Which unfortunately is medieval

Like non of that is good or bad, or any of these dualistic subject object distinctive things

But like ppl dont see that, bc they usually dont like seeing it for some reason

Like footnote, bc i just realized, oh now i get it, makes sense

Like i am chilling outside the social paradigm, i dont have any socials

So like ppl dont have the usual metrics to measure me

If your mind is trained to understand likes and engagement as social worth and trust,

Whats that random person doing there without that

Like i am chilling in the perceptual jungle

Like i am on it, i am defining and putting up my values on the totem

Then its easier to read

But like also not really in a hurry~

Bc i dont have a algorithm rewarding me for posting, i got free temporal and spacial hand

Like these social sites have a general attitude of catering to the lowest matching denominator, or match

Of ppl

Like if you have the skills you are not a “viewer/consumer” social class function

You probably teaching something, if only it is humor

And i have the privilege of going

Nah, lets ignore those ppl, dont care,

Lets do whatever without considering ppl not beeing able to follow

Like the public is a frail and indecisive creature

Ill orient by other markers

Which like, using socials, you dint really get that choice in the first place, thats the frame you get

A artist does not need to concern with a critic, but a content creator needs to tend to their audience

So their fields of attention may bear fruit

No, no one is evil or ill intended generally

Like both is fun, referenced on the quadro tuple of dualitys

All the social censorship makes ppl get into this mindset of a pavlovian dog for limited socially sanctioned reality

Bc what if you do and get a shock from the plate on the floor

Wait, no that was skinner, wasn’t it~

I think thats a skinner box

The person with the electricity plated floors






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