Btw for questioning

Trans ppl

For me, its that disequillibrated waveset vector causing issues

Like imagine sitting next to a humming heater and you sit and get annoyed at that heater humming

Like tf whos heater is that, cant they turn that off

So you get frustrated about it

That feeling, that gets better

Its accompanied by drifting out of reality and derealisation

Basically to about the wave Frequenzy point where you dont notice it any more

Like its still there annoying you, but it becomes background noise

Like your body’s internal Frequenzys are out of tune in a sentence

Same as with melodic Frequenzys

Where you can mix Frequenzys, but there are certain sweet spot, like with atomic radiai

Like ppl dont follow if you use a atomic radius as a example, i know, but like idk eat the drug and just test elsewise






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