Oh, i see

My work moral also dies without the testo blockers

I need to set that seringe ~

Like today i cant, bc energy ~

Like i had stuff to sort ~

I sorted like more than half

Like i really really dont want that seringe

But its really working

But its really throwing me onto the floor

Like i would just reward myself with a pizza

But i would have to manually get it, bc i am nowhere, so i either get it myself or buy for like 20

I so need to move, like yesterday

But i am on sorting, i am doing well

I really need to make sure i get myself high, else i will turn in circles chasing my own tail

Like i am trying to take a bit of a break

But honestly the pizza situation says all,

i will probably have to get a graphics card to entertain myself

I am again at the point where i have seen everything on multiple sites

Like i am at about ep 300 of one piece rn, and i have seen all of them before

Like i even watched the horrible 30 yo girls Yoga comedy, oh god your horribly uneducated life choices are non of my regard, you simplistic bafoons, i will leave any person imitating that behavior without thinking twice, standing and leave,


Like i get the graphics card, and then play there, till i run out of content again

Like i had that before, i was at the point where i was making stuff, just bc i had seen everything, so i had no choice other then making something new

I am bored and staring into infinity

To visually show that

I am bored and staring into the camera

Excluding the implications of that sentence

Like no, i will ignore sanitizing that

Like i said it before, it’s not the possibilitys

Its not that i am not able to draw

Its that i draw experiences, and i dont feel inspired

Avoiding, to state the obvious

Bc the limitations of reality basically beeing a blockchain with high gas fees

Making it terribly gui and tary to move arround in bc time trails like a snail with a house made of the time space continuui

Bc of the limitations of markets with limited goods and oppertunitys, as well as generational games of value

And Darvinistic survival optimizations in the same function frame

Not assigning fault as paradigmatic delivery and ankering method

Like understanding whats happening does not allow you to move faster

It just makes you wait a lot unable to do anything of importance

So beeing high is actually the best option






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