Okai, so here’s the situation

Rn i can spending 500 p/m

But i shouldn’t bc i need to make more than i spend, else i am in trouble

Like i won’t die if i do, but i should

Like stable but still fragile

So now the task is to update the job

Which would get me bout 1000 i can spend without worry per m

There i can chill and build stuff

Its stable, i get enaugh RoI and can chill, pick a apartment etc

So i will try to end the sorting task

And then do my bookkeeping and decide if i buy a graphics card or not

Like with the update, i could just buy it

But rn, i still have to look~

Like its really rare that something is out of a 500 but range for me rn

Like if its something for 1000, maybe it seems reasonable to wait a but and dave money, seems reasonable

So like, i now look to end that sorting process, and get to finding a different job

Like i am not in a hurry

But, its the end of the cycle of the testo blockers

That pushing is more present again

Like i will set the needle on the weekend bc i really dont like it at all, but it really does work great

However its testo push, lets get this done already

Like its so unreasonable bc i got time

But also quite fun

Like give a guy a good goal and a workload and they will have the time of their life






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