I am working remotely

A graphics card is a expense for my job

After that, i only got the tv left

But like, tvs get cheap if you can get them instead of shipping, bc ppl are too lazy to ship a tv

And like in a bigger city are obviously more ppl selling tvs, so I’ll wait a bit for that

Then i am basically done

Only thing left is a bathtub

Like there is always small things, but like main line without upgrades, etc

Like towels for 20 are not worth mentioning with a budget of 1000

Like then i am basically done with money

And i can work on how i get my time decoupled

Btw i 200% prefer estrogen

Like testo is fun, but definitely prefer estrogen

Btw i orderd some ram to upgrade the server

Like i need a sata cable to test my 3rd ssd for os, but basically

After that just graphics card ~






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