I think

Its the same as electical light

Its about a “this is not the natural order” kinda thing

Gender, and the control over it, are now changeable

How dare these ppl use electricity while we still use candles

How dare these ppl solve something, in my time we just dealt with beeing cursed

When it became night we just went to sleep, how dare they defy god and the natural order

Like thats a straw man, rephrase accordingly, but like its clear what i mean

Like there is nothing really dangerous arround anymore, like ppl would be exited if transgender were dangerous, even the trans ppl most likely

If there were uncharted land to explore

Like something not beeing allowed is not danger, thats fear of death

Which is a misinterpreting of the fear of god, bc its not the fear of god, its that god is fear

As psychedelics for instance are fear, are panic

Like its Herd dynamics, someone gets scared, then the others get scared too automatically, but dont even understand why

Its base instincts

But like i dont think it really matters anyways ~






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