This is exactly what i wanted

Any laptop, no matter the specs

Plug the cable in, has the power of the server from outside while beeing beautifully silent

Like i need to figure out that vnc screen thing,

So i can connect my monitor again

Like vnc itself is probably not the best solution for this purpose, so at some point i will have to adjust, like for gaming

But for now, it works

Like now i upgrade the computer, but basically, java minecraft with shaders and extensive mods should work,

Depending on delay,


Wasnt Java minecraft discontinued? Like i had issues resetting my pw last time, or something


Minecraft is not the most fps shooter delay thing, but i wanna be comfy~

Like its technology to connect to a server, open a terminal do something and then log out again, its not really made for this~

But like, it’s obvious why i want it,

Midi keyboard will be a challenge tho~

Like idk about their eth ports, but imagine having a base server

And then just using pi s as client computers

Like there are questions, like can u gibe each machine a different screen, do you just run individual vms

However, we’ll see






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