This week, i focus on


And especially finding a job

Like then i should have basically gotten sorting done in the timeframe i wanted

Like i need a better job still, but i actually got some time, but also it takes forever

I am worried about kyla

My kitten is a puddle of trouble

In many regards

But i wouldn’t trade them

But i would like to cuddle them

Like i will soon, but like

Its cool if i am good

But like obviously i worry

But i guess, thats normal :p

Like doing the job first, also increases likelyhood of getting a apartment

Like i am looking quite limited, bc i want such a specific environment, like part time, remote

So like jobs need time to reload

Like there is nothing i could try to speed up

Either it works, or not

Untill then it’s a waiting game

But i get cool perks for it^~^






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