Like thats the thing

As soon as you have money, you sit like

These other pll are still in a questionable Position

But you obviously can’t save anyone

So like i will eventually work towards the blockchain stuff

Bc like idk call it humanitarian

But like tbh, as soon as money is valid, like what was the sum, 50000 a year?

That was before inflation, but there was a border where more money does not make you happyer

And like then like i can give all surplus away trying to help ppl

Or i actually just blanket help ppl generally

Like donating money does the same probably, but we all know thats a short term solution to a long term systemic problem

So like whats 50p000a year per month?

Thats bout 4000 per month

Yeah, thats within a business owner rate

Like end of stage 1 start of stage 2

I will probably start some humanitarian stuff

Like it usually takes ppl a bit to understand that that is limited

But like i know, so i dont need to look for more money at some point

It will not make me any happyer and its not helping anyone else

So whats the point

Like besides for sport

I already set it up so i have time

This year new job and moving

End Next year i am hopefully getting near that border

Like beeing generelly even more comfy than rn






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