I love kyla, but i also know the numbers

Like things are not linear

If things get better, probably exponentially

But same for things getting worse

Like moving really makes sense, but also its really hard to get out of any hole you might have sunken into

Like they are doing really well and i am extremely proud of them

But also, i have seen those patterns of the snake before

Like i think the best thing i can do is just be me

Bc if i progress and at some point just sit and wait for them, like as soon as i get my new job

Like its really motivating if you are promised cake for progressing

But more motivating is your partner sitting there eating theirs while they watch you

Like leading by example or something like that

Like i will worry anyways bc they mine and i want them to do well

Like they are actually doing good

Thing is, the economy is shit and doing good is not enough unfortunately

Like what i am saying is

I need to at least get myself into a position where i can cuddle them

Like with that job, and the train ticket, i have the finances to just drop by for a weekend whenever

Or a week, bc i can work wherever then

But like futura

However idk i think worry like this is normal~

But tbh its not really their fault

Also, like i saw their finger nails and was like

Those are bitten down to the skin

Like i did that too, got hormones

And now they fine

Like i really suspect

Like ohh i know that smell


Sorting is now 2/3 [2]

Meaning next time, i have everything restacked and presorted to start sorting what i want to take with me

Like they are the cutest and most kind person ever~

Soon i will have to do the seringe again~

I wanna cry, i probably will~






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