Okai, so the deal

With stage 0

I will do website stuff and the naming will make sense eventually

Like top down



Stage 1

Stage 0

Better job


Stage 0 is basically something i have been avoiding, bc it’s boring and predictable

Like great for a business for sure, but well boring for me

Social signaling is basically

Yeah i know this boring, and u wanna do something exiting, but here is the money

And i look at it like

Yes, i see exactly why the money is there and i still dont really like it, bc it still predictable

Like it has predefined action blocks, etc

Like when going top down, like reality is always moving

At the high levels, you can do something and it won’t change for years, but like lower levels are constantly moving

Like its smaller predictable stuff where i basically go

Can i do that in 2-4 weeks? Cool, lets see if it works

Bc if you can build it in 2 weeks, you can basically skip doing research first

Basically, like I’ll probably split test both, but concluding

Fast small problem solving in a kinda warm traffic stream, or multiple, bc targeting is actually interesting

But like I’ll try to get premade blocks, so i go, oh email sign-up, slap, template, done, next

But like i need the overarching brand,

Imagine it like these big cranes at ports, which like move containers

I want the brand as a overarching structure to quickly put blocks into place

And have a sorting system bc u gone for 10 min you have no idea what you were doing

I’ll probably use Obsidian, but like first barand

Like i have a plan, but like

With a better paying job, i can sit and test and tinker with this

And if nothing happens for a year,

Like i was still stacking money from working

But like 1 project working probably makes a year worth what i stack working a normal job

So like its no regard then anymore

Like i make 1 jump and i am good






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