Like thats what i meant

With the question hooks thing recently

I can just write a script which checks all the requirements for a business idea

Like it asks me questions and at the end it gives me a feedback of checks

Like oh its a great idea, but the traffic temperature check is actually negativ, that traffic is cold

Like 90% if there is a issue, its the human, so me

Like if i am exceptionally sneak i make a simple block assembler

But like i think, you’ll just be using the same 3 templates over and over

Bc like all the arround structure is actually mapped and socially tested

And i just set it to a different target and load fitting ammunition/problem solution

Like the structure is so predictable, i am already bored ~

Bc i check me vectors and see if it gets traction or not

Its a boolean opperation and i wait till i get a green light ~

Like its not a adventure ~






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