Like stage 1 will ve


Bc at that point i am basically chilling

And i will try to pull up kyla to my level

Like you think about that for 2 sec and go

That will take forever ~

So like with a level 1 running

I am thinking more of a

just employ them, and then they can try stuff

Like probably more reliable than someone from fiverr~

Like not they my partner helping out, but like no pay, bc they Partner and i pay anyways

But like just pay them

Like these type of companies dont have much overhead, but still makes amount of money

Like it’s obviously speculative, but also, i meed to plan that at some point ~

Like no, not promising, but putting into my plans

Like i already see myself like

Stupid work why they be there and not with me~

So like lets not plan like that^~^






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