Okai, so

What is it actually i wanna do

Cuddle kyla,

But besides that,

I would like to get the piano working and have sorting finished

Then i want the items for when kyla comes by here

And then comes changing jobs


Piano, say 1 h

Sorting us actually a compound, including general cleaning, so like 5h +3h +3h

But i need to change clothing, bc i am not cleaning in my kigu, so dont wanna

Items, i wanted to get today, but overslept and the stores are closed~ monday

Jobs, bout 1h, then just. Low keep up cycle

Like if i do

Piano and first set of sorting today

Then i can tomorrow playwith the piano

The day after go shopping

So i just look for a job next week, i would like that

Like sorting is extensive, bc like clothes open their own subprocess of washing all the clothes ~

Like to first complete the achievement of

I have everything i want for moving

Made a box of stuff for ppl to grab random items

Like if i am not using, may just give it to ppl, like my sis etc

If anything good is left, it’s not the first box like that, which i am making, however,

I have what i want, and wanna give away

And then i can store the rest, or throw stuff away~






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