About this ai morality stuff

In the end if image, video or whatever

It will be information,


In books

Where we have a established standard of

I may not like what you write , but i am not allowed to burn your books without paying for them ๐Ÿ˜‰

or censor them

Like ppl try, and every time it was done, after it was reversed it just looked silly

Like 120 days of Sodom

Basically story is lol we rich adistocrats, lets use the army to kidnap the prettiest children around the country, bc you cant pay them

And then get a bunch of hookers and a Swiss castle and have a orgy with, while killing these ppl they got together

Like sounds interesting, better than a newspaper,

at the end its just 90%logistics

Like these kids dont understand how sex works, bc they kids obviously, and they now need to get one of the kinky girls who help organize this thing to teach that,

Else their exact sceduling of events they had planned to do wont work out

Like its all the logistics for all the wrong reasons

Like i hope i never do event planning, but like thats the standard of books we have

But even with 90% more ppl having access to books, like 20% actually read them

Like you cant force someone to read, else we wouldn’t have education

Btw, its the same ratio, thing again, maybe smart ppl read more books, maybe they are overrepresented in that group, i didnt measure, but interesting

But like thats the standard we already opperate under

So like a moral argument about whatever information, will always be comparable to that

And then you can argue with the question why we don’t burn books

Obviously also ais writing text

Btw, treat it human like from the start, then we will not even have the issues of later integrating it and having tensions

Like use the gaya archetype on that

Paint it as a part of the great mother planetary symbolism

And if you have paint left,

Give it a smile






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