Like the thing is like

I can’t listen to music or watch something while i am working

Like it sounds like i am complaining on a high level

And i am, still as valid, ppls lifes are not comparable like that

Like productivity stays the same

Like most ppl die in remote

Bc like they dont have a given frame to adapt to, so they just spiral

But great for me

Like yes i will complain till i get what i want

Like a good brat^~^

I want to get payed for like opening my laptop for 4 h, debugging some code or something, and then getting payed bout 2000p/m

Like thats one of the perks of part time

Ppl dont take you as serious as a full time employee

Like i still get stuff done quite effectively

I just don’t need to suffer as much while doing it~

Like i can work like this

Like i can chill there for like 2 years or something

Like smart ppl are really productive

If you can get them to stay

Bc they see a better offer they gone

Like thats why these Software companies spend so much on like bean bags and good food

Like smart ppl are like 1% of the population

Like if your it person has nothing to do, thats a good sign

Bc it means your it infrastructure is not on fire

But as a dev writing code

Like u got Management Pressure, of features never used anyways

Like its basically the factory model






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