I was used to things not working for misterious reasons

Like i put my skill points in, but it was not doing much, whatever it was

And now i got the hormones, and its like,

Huh, this does something now, interesting

Like my mind is slowly realizing,

Oh wait, things actually do something now~

So like i switch jobs and actually get money to invest into doing stuff

And like things should be looking good

Like else, i am still making good money

So, lets do that^~^

Like i am qualified, for the same reasons,

Never worked as expected, set things anyways, oh hormones, and now i am just qualified

I made good progress on sorting today,

If i continue at this rate, then i can soon close that process and mainly look for jobs

Like thing is, working 2 months at this job, is working 1 month at the new one

So like its really good to get it sooner, even if i do nothing special

Bc its basically worth double my current job

1 last big change and then i can chill with kyla

Like by current spending

1 month at such a job, and all the things i want are done, like that easy

From there, its just about time

Like then its just, how do i get the last bit of hours out of circulation

Like even a small company is worlds more profitable than working

But getting there is a bit scattered

We’ll see^~^

For now on, ill keep sorting and looking for jobs

Like i am getting jobs in that query range

Meaning, remote, and bout 2000+ part time, with free time management

Like those casually exist if you have those skills






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