I realized i can probably just start any company and it will work

Like i was looking for something to do,

But i basically just need to grab what i want

Like usually you need some skills or something

But i got those, i am just so used to it, that u forgot

So like, I’ll try that after getting a higher paying job


Btw bragging with the furry shamanic stuff is no good, why?

Bc its inductive reasoning

Like its great for Navigation and mapping

For bragging you need deductive reasoning

Its what science uses

Like you could do a study of litterally sources via a dataset or whatever, but basically, at that timescale, the shamanic stuff is all transmitted orally, almost by definition

Like if you are Navigating, thats good to know, bc if you are not a state, you will not need scientific precision, and its vali

Like you can, but you will need to assign all kinds of relativating markers






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