I applied somewhere

And like line

I see u a dev, You can also look at our other jobs

Like convenience line, but also, like ppl offer me better jobs

But like, i am specifically looking part time

Like i have the skillset to get a better job

But like i dont want to be directly frontend dev, like i would basically just do js~

Like as main thing, like please no~

But like i said ppl just put me on pyramids

Like I’ll manage something or do like really backend, but like no frontend,

Like Design is also okai, basically i just dont like js:p

Like i have the basic js skills, i still dont want to do js~

Like the only thing you get for admitting skills is more workload

Which when done, also is rewarded with more work

So admitting i am smart, actually works against me

Like i know as much as needed for the job

If someone wants to pay me differently for another job with more responsibility, i am happy to talk about that

But its probable i just want what was advertised






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