Okai, so

I found my thing

Its basically using js to use rust

So you have to pass everything threw js

Thats annoying,

But 200% less annoying than android studio

And working on all platforms

Like i think you can use yew, but i couldn’t get the server up there

Like thats the point of interest

If its possible to couple the power of rust with the mobile market

Like obviously its missing android store transactions~

~like i am curious about payment providers ~

Like the beauty of the app store is, that ppl have their cards already linked to their accounts

Clicking a confirm button is 200% less expensive than getting someone to input their card

Like i should probably do this in android ~

I’ll use the web thing on the map or something

Like i give rust max 2 years and it is something really cool

Also, like, yes, this that ai website look






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