So like review of my life till now

I would have enjoyed to be in the gym more

I did not smoke enaugh weed

Ppl scenery and music are cool

, bit unethical

Waaai, i did not write that, i derived that word from a different meaning, how did i do that?

Oh, its supposed to be


Thaught something cool happened, but was autocorrect, which should be off~

Oh yeah i reset my phone


Actually that explains what rust is

Its basically a programming language without autocorrect

And you understand why both sides are different, between using autocorrect and not

1 gives more options but may be wrong

The other just autocorrects

Rust is the first but without errors

And if i am not mistaken, its exactly how these ai sites pop up so quickly

Like there is a certain quality to it, not just sales preasure

I am just looking for the ui standard presets to come across my table so i can verify it

But like its not hard to understand

Thats some high level abstraction and logical layering and recursion made by the dwarfs

Yes. But not hard to understand

Btw whoever invented the term sales preasure was kinky






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