Btw kyla

Is socially a lot faster than me

Like really quick with understanding complex social scenarios

Like if i am moving, all exits are blocked and it doesn’t matter where you run, but preparation takes time

Like writing rust will help with that bc i can transfer the analogys from programming into whats going on psychologically, as abstract manipulation

And they are more fast

Like its a difference in optimizing, bc i have obviously closed off those exits before, so theoretically i could have respond quicker if i were to just respond and dont teleport arround

Like we make a great match^~^

I am so curious to learn more about them ^~^

Like such a lovely creature <3

Like they so smart

Like i explain acid breaks addiction patterns

I see, and picked up

Like no, ppl usually buffer Info, they smart

Like when they truly understand how language works, like thats gonna be interesting

Like they haven’t understood yet how smart they actually are

Like they also trans, so if its the same as with me, like obviously

Like i am mapping by like 20 interlocking data points across multiple fields

But like just measured, they look like they just stupidly fail for no apparent reason

Like they are not measuring themselves across multiple fields, bc then they knew and it would reflect in behavior, but they quite smart

So like its their decision, obviously

But like i am curiously watching if the hormones work the same as with me

Like they are the best person ever and i will try everything for them,

Like we can try everything and it will be fun^~^, but like its clear what i have my bets on,

Like not having met them in person

Like thats a general effect i have on ppl, like my desicion making imprints onto ppl

Bc they go, oh wait, you can just stop smoking, didn’t know that, cool

But expanded to everything

Like they mine and i will defend them

But i think like, if not by some transgender karmic reason

They should be able to stand on their own

And i am sure they will look pretty

But like i am not a transgender doctor, whatever that is defined by, like decide for yourself what you like and dont

Like i had a small disagreement with someone

Like it was about distribution of a substance which was a bit precarious

Like the weed derivative

And they were like, it needs to be openly sold

And i was like

Lets tell the buyer, and they decide themselves if they wanna tell ppl

Like i wanna see how ppl act given such a choice

I dont like the idea of deciding what’s best for ppl

Like ill watch them make their own decisions

Who knows, maybe something surprising happens if you give someone a big enaugh quest~ion and they’ll grow in a heroic fashion

Or they just give you money, thats also good

However, like i cant decide for Kyla

Like its actually like






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