Btw, all that

Stuff is labeled as magic bc thats basically what it was

Like take the general population, take out general education, most ppl cant even read

Like u put a smart person somewhere they basically a god in that environment, just bc

The smart ppl are as smart, but the general population is not educated and believes. Basically everything you tell them

Like its a level of privlage not even possible anymore, buuut

Plague and you’ll probably get burned, there are happyer places to take psychedelic drugs

Which is what all this it stuff is

Its the encryption, the hermetic from the alchemical traditions

Like with chem its obvious where it came from

Like the source will probably always be someone taking drugs of some kind, or beeing in an altered state

Bc shamanism is the source of all religions

Like threw time

Look for animal ppl taking drugs, or something you have never seen before, which will also be animal ppl taking drugs

Like that may be bias

But the animal ppl taking drugs are still maintaining the same areas of high abstraction






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