Like i dont have the testo pushing sense of urgency anymore

thats the whole point

Like i am sitting and talking, while forgetting what i was doing

Like i can have 0 clue and still maintain conversation

Like default is just swapping packages

So like i have probably forgotten what i am talking about and am just making casual conversation

Like kyla is 1 of the rare ppl i listen to

Like i can talk and write stream of consciousness till i die

Like there is litterally no end to what i am saying most of the time and its probably recusive

Recursive is basically looping backwards into itself

, or out of itself if we take the female variant, bc those are tools of creation

Like waiting for a break is not gonna work

I have no hormonal urgency to be somewhere else

Just chilling and Vibing, staring into infinity

Like i am tricky, bc by the time you came back to me, i will have gotten bored and started doing some random thing, and then my attention is there, etc etv


Etc etv

Thay doesn’t exist

I made that, it basically means etc, but multiplied by etc sets

What does it matter, it doesn’t, but looks pretty ๐ŸŒ‘w๐ŸŒ‘

But like that dynamic is hormonal

Its having 1 System under pressure and 1 at rest






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