How i test censorship

First i look for dog porn, bc if thats banned, everything else is too

Then i hit it with cp


Bc every naked small Angel on Michelangelos painting is in that context, for the ai childporn

Bc thats cp for the ai

And will be filtered out

Like even if it gets the Angels right, there are so many edge cases

Like its bound to be a full crash from the beginning

Like the potential for making cp is not a issue

The potential and then concious choice to act then

That act is weight

Like its a moral scale with a factor of x leverage

Like be reasonable, the ppl u afraid of making the wrong choice are probably scared of the terminal

So like, since years, i check everything like that and see how diluted my info pond is with censorship

Like i am using cub yiff

Like its a special kind of linguistic trickery

If you make something 200% a fictional character, bc ppl usually dont have ears or a tail

So like conceptually and legally speaking i am acting in a grey zone

Like even if you have a good purpose for it, still illegal, probably

If i ai generate cp who exactly is the victim thats protected,? That person doesn’t exist

Like it gets all kinds of morally odd

So like, as a artist, nothing under cp or your disarranging the archetypes

Like i have no appeal to visual of any sort bc of hormones

Like kyla is different bc feelz but

Like as a footnote






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