I am still good

The hormones are working as intended

Like my obscure believe in possibility is not getting better bc i am growing new body parts

Like that seems rather unlikely of a thing to happen, but i am

But in general agreeableness up, neuroticism up, visual horny down, love up,

Social situations are lucid feverdreams in which my spirit dwell with butterflys determination of journey

Like visually its lots of colors, more of a drifting /flowing

Metaphysical experience if sitting in the room, and beeing a small yellow cat

Like in social situations, i have like these yellow cat moments

I dont know how i got here, or what i was supposed to do, so i just sit and be agreeable

Like its spacing out, but instead of out, its just sitting in place, so probably in


Mood is up, but i am also feeding with weed candy and lsd per weekend

But also Feedback from ppl, i seem happier, which i am

I got more riddim,

I am going mad from working, like seriously, bc i am basically repeating the same sentence over and over, like i need to find a different job~

Like i feel like trait neuroticism went up, bc the social stuff requirement scale got adjusted, and i now actually need a higher amount of social interactions to maintain a healthy frameworks

I am a lot more down to earth and like actually there somehow

Air intake is reduced

My breathing is now shorter

But its actually quite calming tbh

But i see clearly how smoking is a issue with this stuff

I am suprised girls can smoke in general without dropping dead

I feel like i need to apologize to salesfox ex

Like i am quite spaced out like this,

And she was really consize in interacting with me, like that must have been so much effort ~

Bc she is smart, and i play stupid, so when she actually was thinking quick, i was so surprised, i told her

Like about some general thing i dont remember

But like, thats a different amounts of skill required from this side

I feel like i need to reevaluate that

Probably connected to the reduced air intake ~






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