I like the idea

Its modular and cheep, but has good Design

And i have money left over to soundproof

Also like , i am ordering in Germany, so like no 2 month till it gets her

Like 1-3d its done

Like i can speed up things, it just eats more resources than i am willing to spend rn~

So like, i get the switch, case, cables

I wanna wire everything cat 8 bc i can

And like its all internal, the speed between laptop base station and main server, is only bound by the female port on the laptop probably

Its just in my apartment not 40m across a building where ppl work, so length is not a concern

Its not like Internet where you pay for x amount, and thats what you get

Like the only limit internally is the hardware and wires

Like cable is like 30 for 25m

, which is x more than i will use this year

And after i have set up my general infrastructure,

I get the jewel pieces

Like Graphics card etc

Like computers are basically just us shooting electricity or lasers at rocks/crystals

So like those then, i fit into the before made general system

And i get my first stage without the nas

1 step later, i get the nas and even better performance






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