Btw i concluded

My need for social interaction is probably higher now, or at least it would explain some things

Like i am still picky, but, in general, i will need to do something there

Idk Download minecraft or something ~

I need to move, how are my jobs doing?

Oh yeah i solve hormone supply chain issues, then go get job,

Like what would i do in a city?

Just look up events in the area

But like i wanna meet new ppl, i know the ppl at the events here, why would i go there~

Like generally, ppls lives dont move that fast

Like person A is probably doing the same thing they did last week

Like sharky had that with their radio, like there was supposed to be another one put in

So i was like, lets put it in

They replied, they dont have tools

I replied, i have tools in my car, no issue

And i did not push further, but like

That Radio was not in there a month later

Like after hormones, there is like nothing i NEED to do, just can dos

Which is preferable

Like the job change should get me into the position of

Whatever that train ticket costs, lets just get it and go wherever i want to go

Like my decision making is not reliant on the money i have with like 90 % of things

Like i can not randomly buy tv s for 2000

But like 90% of things i encounter in daily life, i want handled

Like that Germany wide train ticket is great bc it caps my expenses at a monthly rate

Btw Obsidian is great

Like i wanna move, so i need to switch jobs so i can finally pick a apartment ~

But beyond that~

I am cozy high and diapered

Like give it bout 2 months and like i have upgraded everything within need

And the only thing i would want is a bathtub and a different job

Like i have my own it infrastructure with smarthome stuff, my food gets delivered

Like if i can adjust my last 2 vectors

Like chilling with kyla and random ppl in that City, building stuff, making art, beeing high, sounds good






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