So about kyla

I love them

I might have been a bit rude on acident

Like i made that word for a reason:p

However, what i was trying to say while beeing rude was

Kyla is so motivated, like me too, but like

They seem to be looking for something to do

Like they buy whatever i suggest

Like with reason

My socials are interesting~

Like what i want is for them to do really good

So when i am sitting in a comfy spot and am watching them like work normally

So it doesn’t take them too long till they can chill with me and take drugs

Like i cant imagine if you have a partner part time remote working

That you dont get curious at some point

But like due to circumstances, they need to do some manovering job wise

Like do the best for you yourself personally, and i am happy^~^

Like she doesn’t have a license but are 90% done with getting it,

Like just finishing and fixing their stuff would make me really happy

Bc i want to see my partner in a good place

Like same with compliments

Like i said i enjoy compliments and they obviously gave me a lot of them

Like i am smart, i can see the difference between a real compliment and the exploit of, oh i see that works, lets do that

Like the overwhelming amount devalues the item

Like just beeing honest is all you need for communication, say whatever you feel

And use base level animal instincts of pet me and feed me^~^

I like them quite a lot






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