Like rustlings

Itself is great, but vaguely defined


My issue was not the rust task

It was getting out of the confusion of what they actually want you to do

Like it gives you something which syntax you haven’t seen before, and links to the doc

Like its all kinds of weird

For instance, it tells you what something should do, instead what i does with a comment

Like comments usually say, what the function does

Like you expected the audience, which has never seen that before, to understand that,

Dont mention what happens, and then explain what it should do

Like u forgot something ~, and inverted how comments work

Like i find myself doing a task, beeing confused, looking it up somewhere else, understanding it without issues, coming back, and still beeing confused about what the actual thing is they want me to do

Like i get the concept, the question is vaguely defined

Like it started great, bite sized info with defined tasks

But somewhere in semantics they just gave up

Like a teacher would be able to excuse this, but like as programmers, we know how to treat information

If its big and confusing


Like make the big thing, bite sized small things and then group them

Like its a amazing thing, non the less,

However there is a info vacuum, bc everyone is pointing to this pipeline

So obviously that increases the load and requirements on this line

Like they know, rust is written quite psychedelicly, and they added a smiley later, refferencing it

Like good to know that you know

The formating is still off~

Like i love the thing,

Just by where it is, that should probably get a little refresh






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