Like lets say

And i get the job i want

If i get lost for a year with kyla,

Like i can go support kyla, and stack money at the same time ~

Like i Hope for more time ^~^

But like in general, i like that idea

Like i would like someone doing better than me to be with

But like thats either the job i want, or someone self employed, which is then framed by time

So like the amount of ppl gets quite limited, if you then apply all the other filters

Like if i get what i want, like i cant sort by better than me, like girls usually do

Like thats not a strategy working for smart girls either

They have to move themselves

So like i chill in the local maximum of my work sector

And like go have fun with kyla<3

Like sounds good

I just remembered i have a sis to talk with about kyla

Bc i wanna talk, but also i dont wanna post things kyla tells me personally






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