Rust itself is not hard to learn

Ppl just loose interest and trust in the tutorial bc its making vague and arbitrary looking decisions

Like i can trust that it actually means what it says

For instance, it was telling me to not touch 2 lines

Firstly, i opend in nano, without line numbers, changed Editor

Like i forgot the shortcut~

But like added a line somewhere or something, and got really confused bc i was not editing the wrong lines

Bc the whole linecount had been shifted down by me adding a return out of habit


So it gives me a vaguely defined issue, in a syntactical field i have never been before

And i dont know if it actually means what its saying /if i can trust it

Like again, the concept is no issue

its the interaction with the persona of the entity, which confuses

At least from what i have seen

Like the compiler is no help, if you dont understand what you are supposed to do

And like its not a creative writing exercise, its a specific paradigm made to learn/teach

Saying, we dont need to prime ppl for encountering odd questions, like schools do

Like u know how half of the test is figuring our what they want from you, bc their sentence is a recursive snail

Like thats all teaching social structure ppl trying to keep their jobs, bc stuff is easy if you say it plain

We dont need to import that

We can just teach ppl plain

They happy to learn the thing they came for, its warm traffic

But ppl hate untargeted ads

So they probably dont want to play guessing games

Also, no colors or pretty graphics

Like its ignoring what we know about learning and trys to be a mini school

Heres the problem, now read in your book and solve it

Like if you understand a box and a arrow, then you can understand 90% of programming, its not conceptually

Like simple example, visualize the if statement

Like i do this, oki, it changes color there, i get it, causal relationships, makes sense

Like ppl learning rust, understand if statements, but extrapolated onto higher planes






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