I was just called

Miss name

While working ^~^

Like transgender beeing called a female gives euphoria ^~^

But like i am smart enough to discern real genuine from fake

So like, voice is getting there~, slowly

Btw, quite sure trait agreeableness has gone up

Like it will sit there and just listen to ppl without pushing back

Like it confuses ppl

Bc i got some ego, so i am not shy to push someone down if i have something to say

Like if i do that and then just sit and listen

Like ppl automatically adjust by hierarchy, and go, oki, u lead

But i was basically just existing

Like i am a spaced out goldfish waiting for what to do

Like in this case, i am payed to be there

So like i be easy to handle

But like ppl get confused when they see my over ego lurking~

Like ppl wanna teach the goldfish, realize the over ego and go

Ah nevermind you know that~

Like so interesting to watch






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