Okai so

This desk survived a day of working

I think its halfway stable

So worth it^~^

Now, about my technical stuff

Like i messed uo the kitchen again, i need to clean that again, but basically

I have a big pc,

Now i get a switch and a server case which gives me Server pc

Then, i get/make eth cables and connect my 2 laptops as base stations

So i can basically use the laptop, but have the processing power of the big one

And with everything connected via cables, the latency should also not be a issue

Like the router does not have a reset button, so its useless, I’ll probably have to buy a switch,

Like i will see if there is 1 somewhere on the board, but like else useless

The table fits really well with the tv, then

This over the bed soon

And this on the wall

Like i am so in love with this free floating mirror, but i am also waiting for it to crash and burn tbh~

After that is done, i upgrade the tv

And then

Make the big pc a nas, and up cycle the other pc to main

So i end with a better pc than big pc, and a nas which is big pc

And then i go travel or something






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