I think we are both confused, bc we are both subs

Like i beflutter my shyness at fluffs like darts, so like tends to get lost ~

So like i put kyla in like a leading role, and they put me there

Like my brain would usually just go, u pet me

Like no matter the social structure, i want pets

And then extend, you get pets too

Like its a person worth enaugh to me that i listen to actually figure out what they were saying

Like more or less depending on altitude, but like i usually really dont listen to anything


Like the pantheon is extended there

In terms of social dynamics

Bc we have sexual patterns in there

Like the diapers have their own Domain refferencing, usually parental or reverse, roles

Like in general u dont want to mummy your partner, you want a competent partner, but sometimes you mummy them, so then you can use that without social question

Like sometimes thats just exactly what they need in that moment

Also its really useful for pattern setting

Like why should i go for a walk, i dont wanna

Bc princess..

Like the linguistic keyword is triggering a mental state trigger

And it get that appeal to (parental) authority

Although you could argue, thats all authority ever was, parental

However, following and concluding

Idk cuddles are good

Like i will prefer that social position given a choice

And so i will make decisions in that direction

, in my best interest

Like we can’t both be refferencing someone who doesn’t exist, basically double associating princess

So like hmm

Like there is certainly a solution

Bc i feel like we both prefer that

Like just from a linguistic perspective of naming things

Like practically its solved by cuddles

Like i get put ontop of hierarchys all the time, but i actually prefer to be supporting someone else

But like usually the idea of, lets do blockchain stuff is usually out of ppls range of possible roads, or whatever idea i have

So like they just go, lets do the blockchain stuff

Like conceptually they didn’t know they could reach that pedal

So they just want to see someone do it

, but that puts me oddly ontop of some social pyramids~

But like eating cheesecake has the same value to me as the blockchain stuff, my mind is refferencing everything to infinity, like real infinity, meaning 0

So like idk~







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