Ah no

Thats a stupid idea i would have to go threw the entite Webseite looking for loose api keys and stuff

Like the blockchain stuff i do open source from the ground up

Like my issue with this marketplace is, i have absolutely no idea what i does

I have looked threw the files and everything really obvious

But like

I couldn’t tell you how to integrate monero payments

Like thats by design, so if something serious breaks, there is actually someone else who is not me, whos looking into that

Like keeping code up to date and stuff

Like me alone a entire marketplace, no, not working like conceptually for me

But like

If i know base line security is handled

Like i can work with that

Like i want to frame it as a game, but obviously with real money

Like buying and selling stuff just gets you really high

Like maybe i am odd:p

But like before now, like everyone was selling something,

Like 300 years or something, idk

Like selling itself was not as limited to companies as it is today

But like ppl love selling, it doesn’t even matter what they are selling

But like, I’ll work out the details ~






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