I acidentally tok

A gummy and acid

I am beyond

I am so stupid i am not building stuff in a vacuum

I need to ask the guy who made the plugin

If i can post their code and like open source the whole thing

Bc by doing that you actually join a social sub community, metaphysically speaking

Like a information network, like jelly fish use their glowing to communicate

I am beyond high

Today i understand, having tits is amazing

Like its hard for me to admit that i actually like to be a girl

Like the amount i am happy, its also carrying sadness

Bc oh no this works

Like the closer i get to it, the more i long for it as i realize i was right

Fuck my grandpa is dead, like yes, i see the ripples, but like i liked that man, he was a kind soul

But i could honestly not see myself explain the transgender stuff to him

Like i am sure he would 100% understand

Like he spoke old greek and stuff

I am litterally crying

Okai this is new for me, i can limit, but ill experience anyways






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