I think

Like Youtube would be really fun,

Bc its basically a bunch of open conversations by topic

Which are all open, so you can join any

And just make a video to that

But like i want a coding job first

Like i feel like there is a certain perspective which would let me do things more natively

Like looking for a job, the jobs have a certain cooldown time to get harvested again

Btw someone please make a tinder app for jobs, and devalue that market, that would be funny

So like

Like i have snap containers, and i can now reproduce them with a button, and have made it a transparent text field

But the ones i make are not magnetic yet

So i need to connect magnetic sticking and making unbound sub windows

Like i still haven’t used the modular comand i found, that may fit there

Like, looks better irl, the camera doesn’t like all the gradients






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