Okai so


, depending on what i spend till i get my next money

I got disposable income of bount 500

Like eurofurence is going away from that and hotel and fluff

Next month i should get the full ~ 500

If i can manover a 2000 p/m job in there with about the same conditions

Like Gucci, lets say

I would increase by bout 1000 a month

That should give me enaugh room to develop a cool marketplace

Like thats a completely different story

If i want a good computer and it takes me 2 months

Like i would probably buffer that more across time, but basically

Its a Operation without haste

Like i just dont want to be sitting there like

Ah i got the apartment, but now i might have preferred to increase the budget for that, but can’t anymore

Like i would get more if i would just buy my food normal, but i see it as a coocking course

Like this implements my first buffer

200 between the money i actually spend and the big buffer

And with the next 500

I can put in some remaining crystals,

, a part is spend on the pc case

, and a part is just me overspending

Then, i either get a new job, or move, or both

If i get a new job, or work a month in between

Like i can upgrade the pc without issues or concerns, put the nas up etc get a new tv

Like if everything goes well, like looking good

Or could get really tricky

Like its a lot better with the hormones

Socially spiritually and monetary






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